Beaver Creek Property Owners Association
Spring  Newsletter – March 18, 2016

Dear Members of the BCPOA:

With less than 30 days remaining, Beaver Creek has enjoyed a wonderful Winter season. Snowfall has been slightly below the long term average but on-mountain activity is substantially above last year.

As always, there’s a lot going on in our community.

Community Safety
Public Safety is available 24 hours a day and may be reached by calling (970) 949-4911. In 2015 BCPS handled/responded to 1,978 calls, the most prevalent being medically related. For a more detailed breakdown of 2015 and 2016 YTD, visit and go to “BCPOA Update”.

Public Safety is also a resource on topics such as wildlife interaction and what to do when encountering wildlife that live among us. This year, in particular, mountain lion activity is on the rise throughout Eagle County with increased sightings and interactions. Although lion attacks are rare, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials are reminding residents and visitors to supervise pets and children when they are outdoors .

Since lions are powerful predators, officials remind people to be vigilant at all times and become educated about mountain lions. First and foremost in coexisting with wildlife, DO NOT LEAVE FOOD OUT TO FEED THEM. It will draw a crowd, some unwanted. If you do have a lion sighting, find evidence of their presence or have other concerns, notify Colorado Wildlife officials at (970) 947-2920 and inform BC Public Safety at (970) 949-4911. For more information about mountain lions, visit

On-mountain Safety
CJ Rustin reports that as of 3/6/16, Yellow Jackets have stopped 1,212 people for safety violations and warnings. This compares to 1,141 for the same period last season. As a result, passes were suspended for a total of 1,175 days and 6 passes were pulled for the season.

Now that we are into Spring conditions, CJ stresses that skiers/riders be mindful of ever-changing snow conditions. Daily temperatures fluctuations are putting the mountain thru a melt-freeze-melt cycle. Morning snow will be firm from overnight freezing temperatures and as the day warms heavy slush conditions will develop.  CJ recommends staying on groomed terrain when you first go out for the day. And as always, stay hydrated and put on plenty of sunscreen.

Design Review Board
A DRB applicant satisfaction survey was designed this Winter and conducted among BC homeowners, architects, general contractors, and landscape designers. A total of 145 responses were received including 84 from homeowners. Summary results were presented at the March 17 BCRC Board of Directors meeting along with recommendations for improving the DRB processes, procedures and communications. To review the analysis and recommendations, visit the Beaver Creek Resort Company website, Implementation of these improvements will begin immediately.

In a complimentary undertaking, the DRB issued a Request For Proposal to six planning firms for a thorough review and update of the DRB guidelines for residential properties. This will be the first major update since BC was opened. Two firms have submitted proposals and a final selection decision will be made before the end of March.

It is envisioned that this project will require 6 months to complete. There will be multiple opportunities for homeowner input throughout the process and the BCPOA Board is appointing a Working Group which will be a proactive participant.

BCPOA Sponsorship of the Vilar Broadway Series
We hope that all of our members have had the opportunity to enjoy at least one of the three Broadway Series performances this winter season:  “The Million Dollar Quartet”, “The Producers”, and “A Night with Janis Joplin”.  Prior to each performance, the BCPOA and the Vilar co-hosted a complimentary cocktail party in the May Gallery. Member turn-out for each reception and performance was substantial. A fun time for all.

Golf News
Opening day is Friday, May 6.

Several staff changes are in store for the coming season which are expected to bring new excitement and positive energy to the Club. Jordan Prochaska will be the new Merchandise Manager. Jordan comes from Medinah Golf Club in Chicago and is already doing a fantastic job. Bob Battle will be returning as Rendezvous General Manager assisted by new Executive Chef Patrick McCarthy. Kenny is currently interviewing candidates for the positions of Head Golf Professional and Assistant Golf Professional.

The Club will also add an entirely new fleet of Club Car golf carts, all done in the black and gold BCGC colors.

Kenny has schemed up some format changes to several of the usual events which he promises will add a new dimension of fun.

New Blue/White Combo tees and lady’s Pink tees will be in-play for Summer ’16.

Kenny promises many other exciting changes but insists that you come by the Club and experience them for yourselves.

BC Metro District News
As of their March 14 meeting, the new firehouse project is on-schedule for an early May, 2016 move-in. The project is also within the planned budget.

The Metro Board has voted to terminate the sales contract with Mesa Homes LLC for the current firehouse site. Mesa had requested a second extension of the contract without additional, non-refundable earnest money. The financing plan developed for such a contingency will be implemented for the new firehouse and used until the current site can be placed back on the market and sold.

Term limits have created two open positions on the BCMD Board. With only two candidates declaring/filing their candidacy, there will be no formal election thereby saving the BCMD several thousand dollars. Larry Graveel and Barry Parker will be sworn in as BCMD Directors for the May 25 meeting and replace Lou Kreig and Jim Power.

Many thanks to Lou and Jim for their many years of public service on behalf of the Beaver Creek community.

Village Rd. Landscaping Improvements
A jointly funded project by BC Metro District and BC Resort Company to upgrade landscaping, flowers and other plantings at all street intersections along Village Road is scheduled to begin as soon as snow conditions permit. This landscaping project is budgeted for a total of $250,000 in 2016 and represents the continued implementation of Project Legacy which will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Village Road entry way to Beaver Creek.

Battle Mountain Land Swap
Crave Communities Company is proposing to swap 5,000 acres that they own on Battle Mountain (think Gilman and Red Cliff) for 5,000 acres of USFS land on Meadow Mountain. CCC’s expressed intention is to develop this parcel with 1,700 housing units ranging in price from $200K to $2M+. The Meadow Mountain property would be annexed into the Town of Minturn.

BCPOA’s interest in this proposed transaction and subsequent development is motivated by the fact that the Meadow Mountain land under discussion abuts the eastern border of the BC ski area and development is potentially visible from Spruce Saddle and Rose Bowl.

Early reactionby Minturnites at Planning and Zoning and Town Council meetings  has been far from positive. The review process for the potential swap will require approximately two years and potentially longer. BCPOA will remain vigilant throughout and will take appropriate actions to protect the interests of BC property owners.

At this juncture, the Minturn Town Council has postponed any action other then informational meetings until afterApril 5 when a new Town Council will be elected and subsequently sworn in.

BCPOA Social Activities
Our 1st Winter Social (in memory) was held February 17 in the Park Hyatt 8100 Private Dining Room. By all accounts, it was a rousing success with excellent food, beverage, music, dancing and conversation. Approximately 120 Members and guests attended with many, many requests for a repeat in 2017. Planning is already underway.

BCPOA’s annual Summer Picnic has been scheduled for Sunday, July 3. Once again the Picnic will be held at Powder 8 and catered by the Park Hyatt. Great food and music will make this a fun event for the entire family. Details will be sent to all members in late May.

BCPOA Financial Health
BCPOA’s finances continue to remain very strong with total assets of $789K in cash and other short term investments. The Legal Reserve stands at $561K and it is projected that our goal of $750,000 will be attained by the end of 2018.

Who Do I Call?
The governing structure of Beaver Creek is complex to say the least. The attached chart is intended to help clarify the responsibilities of the BC Metro and BC Resort Company. In addition, Vail Resorts is responsible for all on-mountain, golf course and Club operations.

Additional detail on who does what as well as telephone and internet contact information can be found by and following the appropriate links.

Very best regards,

Dave Eickholt                          Larry Graveel                       Jim Fraser
President                                 VP/Treasurer                        VP/Secretary