– Attract membership and keep members of the Corporation informed of pertinent information regarding the Corporation and issues effecting Beaver Creek.


– Review the Bylaws of the Corporation to conform to the operating practices of the Corporation, the BOD, and the committees of the Corporation and, in consultation with the Corporation’s legal counsel, propose amendments to comply with appropriate state and federal laws and regulations applicable to the Corporation.

Financial Oversight

– Review and evaluate periodic financial statements of the Beaver Creek resort Company, the Beaver Creek Metropolitan District, Vail Resorts and any other governmental, quasi-governmental or private entity which may have an effect on the property owners of Beaver Creek.


– Appointed by the BOD and all members must be Directors. Solicit and recommend to the BOD persons to serve as Members of the BOD and officers of the Corporation.

Resort Activities and Events

– Serve as a liaison among the BOD, the Beaver Creek Club, the Beaver Creek Resort Company and Vail Resorts regarding the Beaver Creek activities such as, but not limited to, winter ski mountain operations, summer golf and tennis, and Resort Company, Vilar Center and Beaver Creek Club events.


– Organize such activities and social events for the benefit of all Members and non-member owners of real property in Beaver Creek as are approved by the BOD.


– Interfaces with the Beaver Creek Resort Company on issues relative to traffic and other public safety concerns within the community.


– Develop projects which will enhance the appearance and enjoyment of public places within Beaver Creek. Once funds in the Adam Aron Fund are depleted, the Committee will cease to exist.


– Reviews and advises the Executive Committee and the full Board of Directors on any matter with a legal aspect involved. This committee also works with outside council on any actual or threatened litigation, including negotiating with Vail Resorts and the Beaver Creek Resort Company on matters affecting the community within Beaver Creek.