Facts about the November 3, 2015 Election:


  • In order to be an eligible voter, you must be a property owner, or resident of Beaver Creek for at least 30 days, AND a registered Colorado voter.


  • This will be a mail ballot only.  Registered voters will be mailed their ballots on or about October 13.


  • Your ballot will be mailed to the address you receive your Eagle County Real Estate Property Tax Notice.


  • Absentee Ballots can be requested by eligible voters.  Absentee Ballots can be obtained by providing a completed Mail Ballot Request Form by fax or email to Kathy Lewensten, the Designated Election Official for this election, no later than October 28.  You may fax Kathy at 970-926-6040 or email Kathy at Kathy@mwcpaa.com.


  • The Mail Ballot Request Form may be picked up at the offices of Marchetti and Weaver, 28 2nd  Riverwalk, Edwards, CO or they can be obtained online by going to www.bcpoa.com.


  • October 3 is the mailing date for TABOR booklets.  Under Colorado’s TABOR (tax payer bill of rights) law, the Metro District is required to send out TABOR booklets to all eligible voters.  These booklets provide both “Comments for the Proposal” and “Comments Against the Proposal” for Ballot Issue A.


  • November 3 is the deadline for all ballots to be received by the Designated Election Official.


  • November 3 is the official election date.  All votes will be counted and the results verified no later than November 5.


  • For BCPOA questions, you may contact Jim Fraser, BCPOA Vice President/Secretary at jafras@comcast.net.