DearMembers of the BCPOA:
On behalf of our Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce the election victory on Ballot Issue 5A! Although none of us like to pay more taxes, this small increase in our mill rate will provide critical additional funds to retain appropriate levels of Metro District services, and for properly maintaining our aging infrastructure to “Keep Beaver Creek World Class.” The election will not be official for several more days to allow sufficient time to receive overseas ballots, however, there are not enough of those ballots outstanding to change the election results. A number of our Directors worked very hard on due diligence with the Metro District Board and their staff to reach a consensus on the Metro District’s financial plans and needs. A Special Committee was formed for that purpose and we also formed a Campaign Committee to inform our members and get out the vote to win the election. We sincerely thank those Board members for their hard work and success in accomplishing our goal. We also want to recognize the Metro District Board for their hard work on this ballot issue, and thank them for their cooperation in achieving this important victory for our community. It remains the mission of the BCPOA to advocate for our members, and provide the necessary oversight of our community governance to protect and improve the mountain resort community we all love. Our Board will continue to work tirelessly to that end.
Barry Parker     Dave Eickholt          Jim Fraser
President           VP/Treasurer          VP/Secretary