Board of Directors

Larry Graveel, President
Jim Fraser, VP Secretary
Dave Scott, VP Treasurer

Lisa Brill
Joel Cox
Ernie Elsner
Robert Fawcett
Frank Flood
Dawn Friedman
Norman Goldman
Larry Graveel
Mitch Hart
Alexia Jurschak
Bruce Kiely
Lou Kreig
Jeff Luker
Tim Maher
Jack Manes
John Manning
Joe Menendez
Rod Miller
Roy Parrott
Jerry Riordan
Tom Schouten
Patti Thompson
Stewart Turley
Bonnie Vogt


The Beaver Creek Property Owners Association was originally formed to insure that the homeowners of Beaver Creek had a voice in how Beaver Creek was developed, maintained and managed.
Over the years, we have listened to the concerns of individual homeowners and made sure that their interests are protected. We will only maintain this strength of voice and position as long as we have a significant membership base.


PO Box 123
Avon, CO 81620

Experiencing Issues?

If you have any issues please feel free to contact us at